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David Hovey, FAIA, named "Best of the Best" for architecture by Robb Report

Yearlong Search Honors Optima President as World's Foremost Architect

"Best of the best" is a title everyone desires. David Hovey has been bestowed that honor. The June 2005 issue of Robb Report names David Hovey, award-winning architect and president of Optima Inc., as the world's foremost architect.

The 17th Annual "Best of the Best" issue of Robb Report is dedicated to revealing the world's most exceptional products and services. Hovey is the only home architect featured in the magazine, which hits newsstands May 24.

Hovey founded Optima Inc., 25 years ago in Chicago and has 30 developments and 25 design awards to his credit. In 2000, Optima expanded to Arizona where Hovey built four luxury homes in Desert Mountain and currently has more than 1,000 luxury condominiums under construction in Phoenix and Scottsdale. One of his Sonoran desert single-family homes is featured in the magazine along with an article about Hovey's successes.

"(Hovey is) a modernist whose work depicts his ties to the past and vision for the future," writes Elizabeth Exline, author of the Robb Report feature on Hovey. "Grounded in an appreciation for his architectural forebears but detached from any obligation to mimic them, Hovey possesses a confidence that allows him to act on his progressive vision."

Hovey has accomplished his vision for Optima, a company that purchases the land, designs the building or home for the real estate, acts as the general contractor of the development and sells each of the homes. The main focus is, and has always been, architecture.

"Architecture, to me, is life and death," said Hovey. "I take each building as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something really great, and hopefully each building presents a new set of circumstances and issues. It's a passionate, lifelong search to create wonderful buildings that people can enjoy."

Added Hovey, "A building should be an expression of the age that we line in. So the search is to find the best house for a particular environment and the best solution using everything that's available today."

After building in the Chicago area for most of his career, Hovey used his Desert Mountain homes as "experimental labs" to understand the vast difference of architecture in a desert environment. This newfound knowledge has gone into creating Optima Biltmore Towers and Optima Camelview Village, multi-family developments that employ green roof techniques.

An emerging trend in architecture today, green building is something Optima has been doing for nearly two decades. Exline addresses Hovey's passion for quality design coupled with responsible development by adding, "As a true modernist, Hovey is as preoccupied with notions of structured space as he is with environmental sensitivity."

Exline also references the 200-page book featuring the four custom homes built in Arizona along with other modern homes built by Hovey that was released earlier this year, titled The Nature of Dwellings, the Architecture of David Hovey (Rizzoli, 2004). The book features more than 250 photos showcasing Hovey's designs as works of art which serve a vital structural purpose.

Riding a high standard for architecture, Optima has been awarded 18 design awards by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for design excellence. Additionally, the Arizona Chapter of the AIA and world-renowned architect Will Bruder have publicly endorsed Optima Camelview Village as an excellent example of desert-urban residential living.

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